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Law firm specialized in Labour and employment law

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Fifteen years professional experience acquired in prestigious law firms

CALIX is a firm specialized in Labour Law with three fundamental principles : expertise, ingenuity and availability.

The Firm was founded in 2017 by Emmanuel Noirot who has more than fifteen years of professional experience acquired in prestigious business law firms and has been a Labour Law Partner since 2008 in two French law firms.      The firm’s team is dedicated exclusively to advice and legal assistance to companies and senior executives in all areas of labour and employment law. Familiar with corporate practices and by developing a strong personal relationship with its clients, Calix uses its expertise and understanding of legal issues to develop customized solutions for its clients.

Our clients

The Firm assists French and international clients, composed of companies of all sizes: SME, major accounts, group subsidiaries, family businesses, training providers, branches, VSB, etc. It is a trusted advisor to human resources departments and legal divisions as well as business executives. Calix is active in a wide variety of areas such as telecommunications, advertising, metal industry, consulting, pharmaceutical and medical industry, commercial property, engineering, retail trade, transport, personal care services …The Firm also represents executives, corporate officers and members of management committees, specifically during hiring and departure negotiations. From time to time, the firm is sought out to assist senior executives.